Mental Health On University Compuses

Réalisé avec le soutien de Santé Publique France

Santé Publique France bring its support to the colloquium !

Santé Publique France has decided to support the symposium by signing an agreement with the University of Toulouse Capitole.

Santé Publique France is the French national public health agency. It was created in May 2016 in the form of a public administrative establishment under the supervision of the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

The mission of Santé Publique France is to improve and protect the health of populations, this mission revolves around three major axes: anticipating, understanding and acting.

Santé Publique France is both a center of reference in the field of public health, and an agency of scientific expertise, based on the continuum between knowledge and intervention.

Santé Publique France is in charge of the observation and the epidemiological surveillance which it uses to know and to deepen its knowledge of the state of health of the French population in order to set up the health policies most adapted to the needs, health problems or even to deal with exceptional health situations (as today with the COVID-19 pandemic).

Santé Publique France carries out, permanently, a health watch to identify as early as possible the health risks which threaten the health of the population.

It participates in the fight against health inequalities by implementing health promotion and prevention strategies.

It innovates by setting up experiments on all the territories.

Santé Publique France offers access to its GEODES database on its website, which allows, among other things, to map data relating to public health on French national territory.