Mental Health On University Compuses

Updated Call for Papers for the SMCU2020 online colloquium on mental health on university campuses

ANNOUNCEMENT : Facing new societal challenges (Pandemic / COVID-19), new themes and topics for the Call for Papers !

As previously announced, the SMCU colloquium now adapts to the new context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and sees its title evolving towards “Mental Health on University Campuses facing contemporary challenges: from discrimination to COVID-19”.

In this context, the themes and topics of the call for papers are also evolving. Pluridisciplinarity (InfoCom, Law, Psychology) remains in place, and is even being reinforced by the emergence of pluridisciplinary themes in addition to the new topics which are specific to each discipline.

NB: The text of the initial call for projects is now obsolete, the communications proposals must imperatively follow the new axes updated in May 2020.

-> To find out more about the new themes and transmit your communications proposals, go to the updated “Call for Papers” page.