2 minutes

By Ana Maria Lopez Cepeda, Professor of Information and Communication Sciences, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

The COVID-19 pandemic is subject to a system overhaul in many areas. In the university community, in countries such as Spain, it has been transformed by the transformation of emergency classes into an online format with urgency and without any planned planning (García Peñalvo et al., 2020). In addition, policies have been adopted that have evolved from the initiation of the suspension of the pre-trial classes during the 2020/2021 course. The Plan for the transition has a new norm, adopted by the Council of Ministers on April 28, 2020, before the opening of the academic course 2020-2021, and the Ministry of Universities has published our recommendations for adapting the university course to an “adapted presentee”. Además, this is a link between Crue Universidades Españolas and a platform to launch the online presentation session.

In this scenario, the event and communication plan will be communicated, with the object of giving the principles of public policy of the Spanish university system about the COVID-19 and the form of presentations in our university community. The analysis, in the center, in general, in the public relations directories of the main Spanish universities in support of the pandemic and, in particular, the commencement of the 2020/2021 course. The number of information from the initiation of the pandemic and the duration of the planning of the 2020/2021 course and the analysis of the presentation on corporate websites can be determined. The hypotheses is the​​ predominance of the publication of complete resolutions adopted by the rectifiers or the bodies of the government and that the information on the information is not sufficiently sketched.