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The program of the conference is now online!

You were waiting for it ? Here it is !! The program of the colloquium is now online with no less than 83 speakers from 8 countries! From France to Argentina, via Peru, Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom to Spain, they will all be there! Information and Communication Sciences, Law, Psychology: there is something for everyone!

A program that promises to be very rich, despite an unprecedented organization with finally the establishment of an online conference due to the pandemic linked to COVID-19. And a program that must also take into account the constraint of jet lag, with communicators located on both sides of the Atlantic.

Also, to facilitate the interventions of the communicators, the co-organizers of the conference suggested that the speakers present their work either live or through pre-recorded videos. In accordance with the intercultural desire of the conference, the presentations will take place in French, English or Spanish (the language and mode of each presentation is indicated on the program).

The various “fairs” distributed over the two days of work and sharing will revolve around institutional communications, French and foreign interventions, and workshops.

Without further ado, discover the long-awaited program of the conference on these links:
Day of October 26, 2020
Day of October 27, 2020

IMPORTANT: We remind you that registration for the conference is free but compulsory for technical reasons. Go to the “Registration” page to select the sessions that interest you!