Mental Health On University Compuses

In the absence of a physical presence, the colloquium sets up an online forum to facilitate exchanges between participants.

During a traditional conference, participants can directly question the speakers, and discussions are also possible on the sidelines of the presentations. With an online conference like ours, things are more complex. The Organizing Committee therefore wanted to recreate a virtual exchange space between communicators and participants as well as between participants.

This is why we are working on setting up a forum on the conference website. The latter will allow participants to ask questions during speaker presentations, which will be forwarded to the facilitators of each session and posed to the speakers during the question-and-answer sessions. Participants will also be able to discuss topics related to the presentations.

This forum will in itself constitute a research object, since its content will be studied by the members of the research consortium at the end of the conference.

This discussion area will only be accessible to people registered for the conference. A login and password will be communicated directly to each registrant after registration.

Prior registration (completely free) and access to the forum will also allow access to live streaming of the conference sessions.

Register without delay, places are limited!