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We need your support !

To carry out this conference project, achieve the objectives and welcome in optimal conditions internationally renowned actors, the organizers, IDETCOM and LCPI, are looking for partners likely to participate in the funding of this unique event planned in Toulouse in October 2020.

Université Toulouse Capitole is in charge of seeking additional funding. We have already obtained institutional support from our higher education and research establishments, as well as associative and private structures, but we also need you!

Two ways to support us.

Whether you are an individual or a company, you can still support the realization of this conference, today, through the establishment of two types of partnerships:


This system is open to businesses and individuals.

The advantages of corporate patronage

It allows the donor organization to increase its role in the economic and social development of its territory. By concretely engaging in civic actions, the company affirms its commitment to social responsibility.

Corporate patronage is an excellent external and internal communication tool for the donor organization. By placing itself within the framework of the general interest, it displays, through its patronage actions, positive and civic values.

Patronage allows the donor organization to participate in proximity projects and to build relationships with project leaders, local communities, other organizations and the state.

Types of patronage and types of donations for businesses:

Payments can be made in cash (financial sponsorship), in products (in-kind patronage) or in jurisdiction (competence sponsorship). Financial sponsorship consists of the contribution of an amount in cash. In-kind sponsorship consists of the company donating goods entered in the fixed assets register or goods entered in the stock account to a structure eligible for sponsorship. Skillful sponsorship consists of either making an employee available on his working time for the benefit of a structure eligible for patronage (the employee remaining under the responsibility of the company) or in the performance of a service provision determined on behalf of a beneficiary structure eligible for patronage

Any company which develops a patronage action can benefit from a tax reduction corresponding to 60% of the amount paid, within the limit of 5 per thousand of their turnover excluding taxes, as provided for in article 238 bis. of the General Tax Code. Depending on the status of the patron (individual or company) the tax reduction is deducted from the income tax (IR) or the corporate tax (IS) owed by the donor organization.

However, when the amount of the tax reduction exceeds the amount of tax payable, the unallocated balance may be used to pay the tax due for the following five years. Indeed, payments not taken into account, one year, due to the application of the limit of 5 per thousand, may give rise to tax reduction for the following 5 years, after taking into account the payments made to title of each of these exercises, without it being possible for each year to exceed the annual ceiling. The existence of “surpluses” of a different nature (excess payments – excess tax reduction) implies a double monitoring of these in base and in tax.

The advantages of patronage for individuals:

Les particuliers peuvent, au même titre que les entreprises, soutenir ce colloque et devenir, à ce titre, des mécènes, bénéficiant eux aussi d’une possibilité de réduction d’impôt, distincte de celle accordée aux entreprises. Ils peuvent donc, dans ces conditions, financer cette manifestation scientifique : 
– En numéraire : dons manuels
– Par un apport en nature

Les personnes physiques effectuant des dons bénéficient d’une réduction de leur impôt sur le revenu. Le taux de cette réduction d’impôt ainsi que le plafond des versements ont été modifiés à plusieurs reprises ces dernières années. En cette fin 2019, la réduction prévue par la loi est égale à 66 % des versements effectués, retenus dans la limite de 20 % du revenu imposable. Les versements non pris en compte, une année, du fait de l’application de la limite de 20 % du revenu imposable, peuvent donner lieu à réduction d’impôt au titre des 5 années suivantes. Pour bénéficier de la réduction d’impôt, les donateurs doivent joindre à leur déclaration de revenus (sauf en cas de déclaration des revenus par Internet), le(s) reçu(s) délivré(s) par l’Université Toulouse 1 Capitole. 

Individuals can, as well as businesses, support this conference and become, as such, patrons, also benefiting from a tax reduction possibility, distinct from that granted to businesses. They can therefore, under these conditions, finance this scientific event:

  • In cash: manual donations
  • By a contribution in kind.

Individuals making donations benefit from a reduction in their income tax. The rate of this tax reduction and the payment limit have been changed several times in recent years. At the end of 2019, the reduction provided for by law is equal to 66% of the payments made, retained within the limit of 20% of taxable income. Payments that are not taken into account in one year due to the application of the 20% limit on taxable income may give rise to tax reduction for the following 5 years. To benefit from the tax reduction, donors must enclose with their income tax return (except in the case of income declaration via the Internet), the receipt (s) issued by Université Toulouse Capitole.

Visibility which will be given to the patrons of the conference:

During the communication prior to the event: your support will be displayed on all communication media (posters, invitations, etc.) and it will be mentioned in the program and on our website.

During the scientific event: your support will be indicated on our communication media.


Sponsorship is a technique by which an industrial or commercial enterprise (known as a sponsor) provides support to a natural or legal person (said to be sponsored) for the purpose of carrying out an event or manifestation of a philanthropic nature, educational, scientific, sporting, cultural, etc., in exchange for advertising, the precise terms of which will be fixed by a written contract with the Université Toulouse Capitole.

It is therefore an exchange for payment between a payment made by the sponsor (sum of money, delivery of goods, provision of services, etc.) and an advertising service provided by the sponsored, whose sponsor expects effects. positive on the progress of its business, if possible, proportional to its investment. This advertising service will be the subject of an invoice issued by Université Toulouse Capitole.

The benefits of sponsorship

In terms of aid for research and innovation:

. You participate in a better visibility of research work carried out in the Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée region, and in particular within local structures.
. You join a quality international event and show legitimacy on the subject of mental health, social inclusion, academic success and scientific cooperation.

In terms of international trade and the enhancement of the territory:

. You promote the development of international relations in higher education (internships, school exchanges) by meeting academics and professionals from the five countries (United States, Argentina, France, Spain and Italy).
. You enhance the Toulouse territory, through an event that will welcome both foreign researchers, but also renowned French teacher-researchers.
. You are helping to strengthen the ties already uniting Toulouse with Argentina (long-standing cooperation supported by the French Embassy).

Promotional aspects

. You contribute to enhancing the brand image of your structure by associating it with an international event and with other academic, institutional and private partners. You make your organization appear as a responsible, citizen and innovative player, concerned with issues and major social themes.

Visibility to be given to conference sponsors

During the communication prior to the event

Depending on your support:
. Your participation will be indicated in the contacts and promotional actions of the conference.
. From January 2020, the conference will be announced on scientific, professional and social networks. Your participation will be indicated during public relations and press relations actions from May 2020, and
. Your presence will be indicated on the pages of the websites (Toulouse Capitole University, Jean Jaurès University, Florida International University in Miami, University of Buenos Aires and University of Rosario) as well as on the social networks (Facebook and Twitter) associated with the event .
. Your logo will be displayed on all communication media (posters, invitations, etc.).

During the event

Depending on your participation, we can provide you with two spaces to communicate:
. A sponsor area inside the amphitheatres and halls of the Toulouse Capitole University and the Toulouse Jean Jaurès University where the plenaries, round tables and workshops will take place during the conference days,
. A sponsor area in the rooms where we will welcome participants, where breaks, lunches, and
. We will ensure the visibility of your structure during press relations actions and interviews by associating you with operations.

The expected outcomes for the conference

Given the importance and topicality of the theme and of the speakers expected, we expect:

– Significant press coverage,

– Better visibility of research work carried out in the Occitania / Pyrenees-Mediterranean region, and in particular within the framework of a multidisciplinary collaboration associating structures from different Universities and from different countries,

– The sustainability of the partnerships forged between the Toulouse Capitole University, Florida International University and the Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès University (Cooperation agreement, launched in 2019 by IDETCOM, for research and student / teacher exchanges; collaboration in research; establishment of a summer school at UT Capitole with students from Florida International University),

– The development of international relations in higher education (internships, school exchanges) by meeting academics from the five countries,

– The opening to the general public and to Toulouse students of a debate on a thematic concerning major social issues,

– The meeting between professionals, specialist researchers and the general public,

– The enhancement of the Toulouse territory, through an event which will welcome both foreign researchers, but also renowned French and foreign teacher-researchers, and 

– The strengthening at UT Capitole and at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès of a cross-cutting international research axis formed around “health communication”.