Laboratoire de Cliniques Psychopathologique et Interculturelle

LCPI. Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès

The Laboratory of Psychopathological and Intercultural Clinics (EA 4591) is specified by research:
– focused on new psychic, somatic and behavioral expressions of mental suffering.
– in their contextual socio-cultural and intercultural links.
– underpinned by an epistemology and research methodologies relating to dynamic, integrative and psychoanalytic clinical psychopathology.

LCPI is organized into five areas:
The “Psychoanalytic clinic of contemporary suffering” pole directs its research towards the psychoanalytic clinic of “new psychic economies”: subjectivity, intersubjectivity and transubjectivity (group and family). The main research themes concern dependency issues and addictive behaviors, self-aggressive and suicidal behaviors, violent / delinquent dynamics, new uses of religion, psychic bisexuality and female identity, adolescent subjectivation, new forms of parenting, psychosis and psychotic processes, new forms of symptom linked to “unscrewing”, group and institutional clinic.

The “Psychoanalytic Clinic of the Subject and Social Link” pole develops research on the psychoanalytic clinic of drug addiction, religious and sectarian phenomena, psychoanalysis applied to art.

The “Psychic Interculturation and Cultural Contacts” Pole.
The IPCC cluster is developing research on the psychological effects of contact between cultures in the anthropological, generational or organizational sense. He develops the generic concept of interculturation covering all of the specific psychological processes (intrapsychic and interpersonal) of metabolization of difference unfolding in cultural encounters or mutations.

The “Clinical Psychopathology of Aging” Pole offers research in a multidisciplinary approach to the clinic of aging: psychoanalytic, systemic, integrative framework. The research themes concern normal and pathological aging, well-treatment and ill-treatment in institutions, generational psychopathology.

The multidisciplinary center “Center for Criminology and Human Sciences” (CCSH): Its objective is to bring together teacher-researchers (academics from different disciplines) and professionals in the field (psychologists, lawyers, psychiatrists, educators, teachers, etc.) qualified and specialists in their field of expertise on research relating to criminological issues worked from a subjective perspective. The CCSH enables research work involving the different poles of the LCPI to be fostered, strengthening its transversality and interdisciplinary collaborations opening up exchanges between different laboratories and institutions.