FIU researchers in Toulouse

A minute

From February 22 to March 6, two researchers from the Florida International University (Miami, USA), Maria Elena Villar and Maria Inès Marino, were visiting Toulouse for working meetings with the Toulouse members of the international consortium.

During these exchanges, the consortium’s research process made good progress, in particular with:

  • defining protocols for communication and coordination between the different countries and study sites;
  • finalization of the translation of the research questionnaire into 4 languages.
  • the identification and invitation to join the consortium for two other Spanish researchers, who are coming to consolidate the European pole of the consortium.

This visit also made it possible to make progress on the organization of the conference through:

  • a meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of InfoCom, Francis Querol;
  • of interdisciplinary exchanges with Sonia Harrati and David Vavassori (teacher-researchers in psychology at the University of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès)
  • discussions on the importance of including autistic disorders in the conference themes and for joint research projects.