Research Fellow in Communication Sciences. Università degli Studi di Firenze

Viola Davini is a research fellow at the CfGC of the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Florence and PhD student in Management of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Resources with a curriculum in Wine and Rural Economics at the University of Florence. Within the CfGC, she carries out research activities relating to communication strategies to strengthen a transdisciplinary innovation design, promoting the relationship between the University and local stakeholders.

As head of external relations of the CfGC, she also deals with the coordination of public engagement activities both nationally and internationally.

Currently referent for the Master in Medical-Scientific Communication and Health Services.

Research interests
Within the CfGC, she studies the paradigm of generative communication applied to the design of strategies aimed at strengthening a transdisciplinary research model that has strong social repercussions and that starts from listening to the needs of the territory. The areas of greatest interest are: agriculture and rural development, the environment up to health and health. The research therefore focuses on the testing of organizational and relationship management models that facilitate the planning of transdisciplinary projects, promoting collaboration between different disciplinary areas through community building action. These models are based on the ability to generate knowledge by promoting the active role of all those involved in innovation processes. For this reason, she is also interested in the concept of knowledge as a “common good” necessary to rethink the value of science for society and to plan communication strategies capable of contrasting the media noise, both in the health field (for correct information in terms of prevention, to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship or to facilitate access to health services) and agriculture (for example: how to make correct information regarding the use of plant protection products).