Researcher in Social Sciences and Anthropology. Universidad Nacional Mayor De San Marcos

Doctor in Social Sciences and Anthropology (2018) and Master in Social Policy (2014) at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM). He is currently full professor at the School of Anthropology at UNMSM, as well as at the “San Fernando” School of Medicine of the same university. He is co-responsible member of the “Sacred Mountains” research group funded by the Vice-Rectorate of Research and Graduate Studies of the UNMSM. He has field experience in the Ecuadorian and southern Peruvian Andes and has participated in workshops organized by the Center for Research and Graduate Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS) in Mérida, Mexico. Likewise, he is a consultant for the San Marcos Foundation for Science and Culture, government and international organizations. He did research on rurality in Peru. Recently, he researched the impact of climate change in the High Andes and their ritual systems. In addition to this, his concerns span the field of the anthropology of capitalism, the anthropology of emotions, the shared economy, and more recently platform capitalism. He has participated in international conferences as a speaker in Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico.