Christophe TZOURIO

Tenured Full Professor in Epidemiology and Director of the Research Centre Inserm U1219 in Populations Health.. Université de Bordeaux

Christophe TZOURIO has a dual background as a neurologist (Former Head of Clinic at Paris Hospitals) and an epidemiologist. He studies in particular the consequences of blood pressure on the brain and in particular the cerebrovascular lesions visible on MRI. He is a professor of epidemiology at the University of Bordeaux and director of the Inserm U1219 Research Center in population health which includes 13 teams and more than 470 people.
He is the Principal Investigator of the 3C cohort on cerebral aging and of the i-Share study (Internet-based students’ health research enterprise) which is an e-cohort on student health comprising more than 20,000 participants and constitutes the largest longitudinal study ever in the world in this age group. This project is also unique in the combination of imagery (brain MRI) and biological data with qualitative approaches in order to better assess the health of students and explore issues such as brain maturation or the interaction between psychological and brain structures.