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Center for Generative Communication


The Center for Generative Communication was born in December 2016, gathering thirty years of experience deriving from research and training activities carried out by the Research and Application Center for Information Technology for Text Analysis (CRAIAT), the Generative Communication Strategies Laboratory and the Communication Strategies Lab (CSL). The research unit, in fact, is radically re-founded to take into account the centrality of research in generative communication.

The Communication Strategies Lab (CSL), founded and directed by Luca Toschi, was born in 2006 within the Department of Education and Cultural and Training Processes of the University of Florence. In 2013 he moved to the Department of Political and Social Sciences.

The mission
The CSL has committed itself to carrying out research projects that respond to the needs of the territory in order to favor its socio-economic and cultural development. Through the use of the generative paradigm of communication, the CSL has supported institutions, companies and organizations in the conception and design of internal and external communication strategies, contributing to the improvement of the production of services and goods of the entities with which it has collaborated. The CSL has trained dozens of professionals and professionals in the field of communication, as well as researchers and researchers engaged today in the world of research, Italian and foreign.

The research practiced within the CSL (basic <, experimental and applied) has always stood out for its interdisciplinary and interdepartmental vocation. The synergy that the CSL has fostered between different knowledge and skills, the results achieved through the many and different projects are demonstrating the validity of a communication model – the generative one – which has managed to bring the University to face real problems of the company with excellent results. Since its origins, the CSL has always and only been self-financed with the projects.