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Grupo de Investigación en Comunicación / “Comunicación y salud”


Communication Research Group “Communication and health” / Area of ​​“Communication and Health”. Directors Ianina Lois and Roberto Montes. Communication Sciences Degree. Faculty of Social Sciences. Buenos Aires’ University.

Purpose: Develop a training and research space around the relationship between communication and health, in its multiple dimensions and from an intercultural and gender perspective.
Background: The field of communication and health has developed steadily in recent years in Argentina. It is a field that has been strengthened and has acquired its own entity, an example of this is the demand by professionals with specificity in it from governmental and non-governmental organizations. As well as the creation of spaces for discussion and exchange in academic events organized from the social sciences and health sciences.
Under the degree of Communication Sciences of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the UBA, the thesis has multiplied and there is a growing development of institutional research on the subject. Likewise, teachers of different subjects and theoretical approaches have included certain topics in the curricular routes.
The communicational dimension of health problems is central and unavoidable for a comprehensive approach that recognizes not only the biological issues of health-disease-care processes, but can account for cultural and historical social conditions. In this sense, access to information by citizens and communities is also a cave factor for the exercise of the right to health.

General – Generate an institutional space to articulate the instances of training, research, intervention, production on the subject.
Specific – To guide and accompany theses and researchers who register their productions in themes with anchoring in the field. – Promote internships or rotations for students in government, academic, civil society and community organizations that develop management tasks in intervention in the field. – Promote spaces for dialogue and dialogue with other key actors in the field of communication and health: national and international faculties and institutes, professional councils, public institutions, health services, social organizations dedicated to the topic of health, among others. – Promote a team of researchers, professionals and students who can act as references in the field.

Main topics: