Institut de Droit de l’Espace, des Territoires, de la Culture et de la Communication

IDETCOM. Université Toulouse Capitole

The Institute for Space, Territory, Culture and Communication Law “IDETCOM” is an accredited hosting team under number: EA785 (social sciences).

Created in 1991 within the Faculty of Law of the Toulouse Capitole University, the Institute of Land, Territories, Culture and Communication Law (IDETCOM) federates around a team of lawyers specialized in fields of research of its title, several scientific disciplines, today falling under eight different sections of the National Council of Universities (CNU).

IDETCOM brings together a multidisciplinary team of teacher-researchers and researchers, predominantly legal, but not exclusively, articulated around four research axes:

  • A “Space (s)” axis – New frontiers, new markets, new opportunities
  • A “Territory (s)” axis – New challenges, new geographies, new governance
  • A “Culture (s)” axis – New objects, new industries, new rules
  • A “Communication (s)” axis – New technologies, new content, new players.

IDETCOM pursues research and training activities of national, European or international dimension and scope, in each of its Research Axes: Space (s) axes. A first line of research brings together work carried out in the field of spaces which is not limited to outer space, even if research on the latter occupies a decisive place around the Sirius Chair. Space is today a major international issue, be it land, seas and oceans, rivers and streams, submerged or emerging lands or even cyberspace, dominated by the revolution of artificial intelligence. Axes Territory (s). The second line of research brings together work carried out around local authorities (international, national or local and their satellites: public establishments, national or local public enterprises, public sectors). These works concern both institutional and functional dimensions. Contracts and other public and private partnerships play an essential role. Culture Axes. Culture is an identifier that makes it possible to situate oneself in History, at the same time as an object of wealth, which must be protected and valued. The work carried out in this third Axis of research revolves around traditions, Art in all its forms, museums, denominations or protected areas. Communication Axes. The Communication Axis places IDETCOM and its teams at the heart of developments in the world of today (the status of radio, television, cinema, the Internet) and the challenges of the world of tomorrow (l ‘Internet of Things, digital platforms, blockchain). It covers the answer to the major questions raised by the development of new media.