Laboratoire d’Études et de Recherches Appliquées en Sciences Sociales

LERASS. Université Paul Sabatier

Lerass brings together more than 130 teacher-researchers, doctors and doctoral students in Human and Social Sciences. Support laboratory for several university training courses in the field of information and communication, it is attached to the ALLPH @ doctoral school, co-accredited by the universities of Toulouse 2 and Toulouse 3. I belong to the Health axis who seeks to understand this field as a context, a subject, an object, a sector, an organization, etc. We treat by informational, communicational, linguistic, psycho-social or managerial prisms the frameworks of reflections as well as specific approaches which make it possible to question a diversity of phenomena: challenges, logics of use and associated practices, roles and influences of devices , organizational strategies, media reception, interactions, mediations and representations at work, co-construction of meaning in context, etc.